Miss teen universe Indonesia Agnesia Maha Putri honored by Indonesia consulate general in Dubai.


Agnesia Maha Putri is Miss Teen Universe from Indonesia, She is the runner up 4th Miss Teen Universe. Agnesia captured on the picture with The winner Miss Teen Peru Daniela LeiCiudad and also the former Miss Teen Universe Bibyana Marquez. The events was held in Dubai last week on EDGE CREEKSIDE HOTEL.

After the Grandfinal, Agnesia get honored from Consulate General of Indonesia Mr.Candra Negara. She also got her appreciation certificate From The Indonesian Consulate General in Dubai.

DESIGNER LEVICO BOUTIQUE with NTT traditional fabric mixed with modern cut

FASHION DESIGNER @Rachelwangofficial

Fabric hand painting by Diah Gardenia batik Artist

STYLE : combining Indonesian hand painting traditional Fabric with modern style to make her look stunning while on the quarantine day in Miss teen universe at Dubai, UAE.

Batik itself has a philosophy about love and nature that painted on a cotton or silk fabric. And it is Indonesian authentic of art. In the pink pattern of batik Agnesia Mahaputri looks awesome.

FASHION DESIGNER @ Leonardo_riko

Putri wearing Indonesian traditional dress called Kebaya combining with hand woven cloth from NTT small island in Indonesia that make her looks so stunning. She was wearing kebaya on the Gala dinner event. Captured with miss Chile

@rachelwangofficial Indonesian fashion designer


Agnesia Mahaputri in The national Costume by @eggiejasmin_artist

It called Sandalwood the warior of Sumba. Inspired from the sandalwood horse from sumba.

Inspired by Pasola, in a ritual context, pasola is a traditional war tradition where two groups of horsemen face each other, chasing each other while throwing wooden javelins at the opponent. Held once a year, namely during the growing season. The Pasola ceremony is related to the preparation of land work as well as the notion of a splash of blood that has magical powers to nourish and revive. Sandelwood itself is a type of native Indonesian racehorse that was bred on the island of Sumba which symbolizes persistence

Eggie Jasmin also designing a national costume for Mrs. World India and Miss supranational Indonesia @jihanealmira

Not only from her national director, her support also come from some famous Indonesian fashion designer such as Dianam putri, Levico, Rachel wang, Diah gardenia,Fatir Muhamad,Eggie jasmine, Eko rudianto, Leonardo riko, Nathania kho, and so on, Also the sponsor that support her as a team in this event. For that she feels so grateful to become in this community of the beauty pageants.

Source: dfashionmagazine.com